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About Nad Al Sheba

Nad Al Sheba is a residential area that is situated south of Dubai Creek. It is a Nakheel Properties development that has villas built in the Mediterranean and Moroccan architectural styles. There are over 1,500 villas in 4-5 bedroom configurations with prices starting from AED 2. 35 million.

It has four sub-districts. The area is well-planned with villas and high-rise buildings being separated. Housing options include flats, houses and exclusive villas. Shops and offices are also available for commercial purposes. Nad Al Sheba Mall has 200 stores and a cinema, gym, and medical centre.

All in all, Nad Al Sheba is a great place to live in a villa with family-friendly amenities in a suburb of Dubai. It is no wonder that it continues to be popular among locals and investors.

Properties in Nad Al Sheba

Nad Al Sheba offers a diverse selection of residential and commercial properties across its four sub-communities.

Residential Properties

Apartments are found mainly in Nad Al Sheba 1, near the major shopping centers. These range from studio to 3-bedroom units with sizes between 500-2,500 square feet.

Villas are more common in Nad Al Sheba 2, 3 and 4, providing a peaceful family lifestyle. Townhouses and duplexes scattered across all areas provide alternative housing. 3 to 5 bedroom villas range from 2,000 to 6,000 square feet.

Nad Al Sheba Villas by Nakheel, a popular villa community, features Spanish-inspired 3 to 5 bedroom villas with separate quarters for staff. Penthouses can be found atop apartment buildings and are usually reserved by hotels.

Commercial Properties

Nad Al Sheba Mall, under construction, will house retail shops and restaurants ideal for small businesses. Unit sizes start at 500 square feet.

The Business Park in Nad Al Sheba 1 is geared towards motorsports and engineering firms. It provides independent office suites from 500 to 5,000 square feet within low rise buildings.

Average property prices in Nad Al Sheba

Property prices in Nad Al Sheba remain steady owing to the sub-district’s strategic location and reliable infrastructure. Growing demand ensures new apartments and villas sell quickly with developers frequently releasing additional phases.

The average rents in the community are:

Property Type Size Average Annual Rent
Studio Apartment 500-600 sqft AED 70-85K
One Bedroom Apartment 650-800 sqft AED 80-110K
Two Bedroom Apartments 800-1,200 sqft AED 150-200K
Three Bedroom Apartments 1,200-2,000 sqft AED 170-250K
Three Bedroom Villas 2,500-3,000 sqft AED 220-450K
Four Bedroom Villas 3,500-4,500 sqft AED 300K-1.2M
Five Bedroom Villas 4,500-6,000 sqft AED 800K-3.5M

The average sales prices for different property types are

Property Type Average Sale Price (AED)
Studio Apartment 1-1.5 Million
1 Bed Apartment 1.3-1.8 Million
2 Bed Apartments 2-3 Million
3 Bed Apartments 4-6.5 Million
3 Bed Villas 3.5-9 Million
4 Bed Villas 9-17 Million
5 Bed Villas 5.5-20 Million
6 Bed Villas 12-55 Million
7 Bed Villas 20 Million+

New projects by reputed developers tend to raise the baseline values in their vicinity. Ready properties closer to waterways, greens and Metro stations demand a premium.

Top-end amenities and a sense of community increase affinity for selected housing schemes. Despite global headwinds, Nad Al Sheba’s intrinsic demand fundamentals ensure prices remain supported for serious investors. Ongoing infrastructure works will further enhance livability in this family-friendly enclave.

ROI in Nad Al Sheba

As an investor, return on investment is an important factor to consider. You will find Nad Al Sheba offers competitive ROIs across different property types. Let’s analyze the average returns:

For Apartments:

Apartment Type ROI

Apartment Type ROI
1-bed 4.69%
2-bed 4.86%
3-bed 4.69%

When considering Villas:

Villa Type ROI
3-bed 4.35%
4-bed 2.61%
5-bed 2.06%
6-bed 2.59%
7-bed 3.31%

Regarding ROI, off-plan purchases may take 2-3 years for full ROI realization. However, newly completed properties allow you to benefit from instant rental income.

Units near premium locations command premium rents, enhancing ROI. Properties in Nad Al Sheba 1 perform consistently well too.

Ready properties near waterways and greens also justify higher prices by maintaining solid value additions. Top building facilities maintain compounding effects on investment cash flows.

Steady occupational rents from quality tenants ensure stable income streams even during market fluctuations. Capital growth prospects are further supported through location advantages and improved infrastructure works.

As costs remain reasonable compared to returns, Nad Al Sheba forms an attractive real estate investment destination. Strategic location benefits and competitive investment yields strengthen its case as a sound market to build your portfolio.

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Master Plan of Nad Al Sheba

Nakheel Properties had designed a thoughtful master plan for Nad Al Sheba when developing this residential community. You will find the sub-districts were carefully arranged keeping future needs in mind.

Nad Al Sheba 1 was envisioned as the bustling city core. High-rises near malls and the racecourse were placed for convenience. You’ll find many apartments, offices, and amenities here for easy living. It is known for for the Meydan Hotel, Meydan Racecourse, and Nad Al Sheba Cycle Track.

Planners designated Nad Al Sheba 2 as the family zone. Private villas were built keeping a quiet atmosphere. You’ll find yourself surrounded by nature with direct park access here.

Education was the focus for Nad Al Sheba 3. Reputed schools were planned so children could study close to your future villa community. You’ll find top schools and quality early education options in this district. It’s also home to the Nakheel-built Nad Al Sheba Villas community.

Nad Al Sheba 4 targets leisure activities for residents. You’ll find parks near villas so everyone can balance work and play lifestyle. The golf club and cycle tracks were placed for stress-free recreation. This neighborhood also offers direct access to Meydan South.

This integrated approach has made Nad Al Sheba a well-balanced community. Living here, you can look forward to a life filled with convenience and personality.

Latest Off Plan Projects in Nad Al Sheba

Community Features

Project Connectivity Image

Nad Al Sheba Connectivity

    Facilities & Services in Nad Al Sheba

    As a resident of Nad Al Sheba 1, you’ll find this community provides every amenity needed. Let’s explore the excellent range on offer under key heads:

    Residential Facilities

    • Sprawling parks like Nad Al Sheba Central Park dotted with jogging tracks, children’s play areas and BBQ spots.
    • The community boasts well-equipped air-conditioned gyms, including separate sections for cardio and weights.
    • Well-furnished children’s reading rooms and activity areas keep young families engaged.
    • High-security measures include access-controlled gates monitored 24/7 by security guards patrolling community premises.

    Shopping and Dining

    • Shopping malls like Avenue Mall and the upcoming Nad Al Sheba Mall host every high street brand with supermarket chains, fashion outlets and dining choices galore.
    • Convenience stores like City Max and organic mini supermarkets provide daily cooking essentials within walking distances.
    • Many casual restaurants like Farriers, Prime Steakhouse and Shiba Restaurant serve home-style cuisines and international flavors.
    • Fast food chains like KFC, Zero Four Speciality Coffee, McDonalds, Pizza Hut meet cravings for quick bites alongside independent juice bars, bakeries and ice cream parlors.


    • Nad Al Sheba Health Centre is the most trusted community hospital offering residents quality OPD consultations and procedures at affordable costs.
    • Nearby hospitals like Fakeeh University Hospital in Dubai Silicon Oasis and private clinics provide consultations for any specialized care needed.
    • Diagnostic centers, family health centers, pharmacies and medical stores located centrally ensure round-the-clock health assistance.


    • International curriculum playschools like Kent Nursery and My Circle Early Childhood Centre prepare children from a young age.
    • Schools like Kings School Nad Al Sheba, Repton, and Dubai Schools Nad Al Sheba offer top-tier KG through Grade 12/IGCSE education.
    • Higher education campuses like The American University in the Emirates and Al Ghurair University can be reached within 20 minutes.

    Lifestyle and Entertainment

    • Meydan Racecourse hosts the world-famous Dubai World Cup, polo matches, car shows and concerts during the year.
    • Leisure options include Meydan Golf Club, Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park, and parks featuring jogging paths, greens and children’s play areas.
    • Top hotel clubs and bars like Drai’s Warehouse provide nightlife amid rooms for parties and events at Meydan Hotel.

    Community Events

    • Sports tournaments utilize cycling tracks and football fields nearly every weekend.
    • The annual Nad Al Sheba Sports Festival and Dubai World Cup bring residents together and put the area in the limelight.
    • Festivals, seasonal sales and outdoor markets organized periodically feed the lively community spirit.

    Location and Accessibility

    When selecting a community, accessibility plays a big role. You will find its location ensures smooth commutes across Dubai.

    The suburb is strategically placed towards Dubai’s south, surrounded by other key districts. Nad Al Sheba spans across four sub-zones which enhances access within the locality.

    Nad Al Sheba enjoys close proximity to areas like International City, Dubai Silicon Oasis, and new projects around Meydan. This placement provides direct routes to major employment hubs.

    The area is well-served by major highways. Al Khail Road, Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, and Dubai-Al Ain Motorway are minutes away, linking you to the length and breadth of the emirate.

    Within Nad Al Sheba, well-designed feeder roads connect areas efficiently. Whether going to central Nad Al Sheba 1 or further sub-zones, traveling within takes minutes.

    Public transport options include buses traveling along the main motorways. Bus stops in the community access trunk routes to various parts of Dubai.

    Bus Line Number Destination

    • 50 Al Khail Gate / Dragon Mart
    • 66 Nad Al Sheba Emirates Road / Al Ain Road
    • 67 Nad Al Sheba Main Masjid 2 / Umm Nahad Interchange
    • X23 Nad Al Sheba 1 / Burjuman Metro stop RTA 103A IT Roundabout
    • RTA 116 A Mirar Road
    • RTA X23 Dubai Outlet Mall

    For metro access, nearby stations like Dubai Metro offer connectivity when required. However, for day-to-day commutes, buses sufficed.

    Regarding connectivity, nearby districts make Nad Al Sheba an integrated choice. It perfectly balances a suburban setting and access to city amenities.

    This write up covers how Nad Al Sheba’s strategic placement provides lifestyle convenience with smooth access across its well-engineered road infrastructure and public transport services.

    Why Invest in Nad Al Sheba?

    Many factors should convince you to invest in Nad Al Sheba. While conducting due research, several aspects make the area stand out.

    Prime Location

    Its location is unrivaled. Nad Al Sheba sits amid key infrastructure with great road and metro access. As Dubai expands, its value will surely increase being centrally located.

    Wide Range of Properties

    The locality offers a diverse selection of properties from villas to apartments. High-rises, townhouses and low-rises give options for varied budgets and needs.

    Master Planned Community

    Careful urban planning provides balance between residential and commercial spaces. Every requirement has been anticipated for comfort across these self-sustained towns.

    Social Infrastructure

    World-class schooling, healthcare, leisure facilities and malls allow enjoying city-style living in a peaceful, green surroundings.

    Thriving Market Demand

    End-user interest is increasing steadily as its strategic location draws residents and investors. This boosts asset liquidity and stable rental yields

    Evolving Projects

    Upcoming projects promise amplified options and values in future as the area undergoes phased development with best-in-class amenities.

    Community Spirit

    Established living spaces foster a tight-knit community where events and facilities enhance standard of living for all age groups.

    Excellent ROI Potential

    Historical market analysis proves Nad Al Sheba offers rewarding returns through stable capital appreciation and rental incomes over time.

    Proximity to Work Hubs

    Being situate between key districts of Dubai and the Emirate of Sharjah, average 15-30 minute travel shortens daily commute for work and leisure.

    Prime Rental Demographics

    Strong interest from both residential tenants and leasing commercial properties offers steady positive cash flows for investment properties here.

    Future Growth Prospects

    With strategic location and planned infrastructure, amenities will scale to cater rising demand, which may support further property value increases.

    Multicultural Ambience

    The diversity in population adds to its appeal as an integrated community for people from varied nationalities and backgrounds.

    So in short, prime developmental, economic, social, and lifestyle facets make Nad Al Sheba one of the most favorable areas for returns through quality real estate investment in Dubai. After due consideration, you can gain strong advantages here.

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