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About DIFC

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) this extensive area encompasses corporate offices lining the prominent Sheikh Zayed Road, iconic structures like the Emirates Office Tower, and is intricately woven into the fabric of Downtown Dubai. It also shares its history with the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre, which once served as the financial epicenter of the city. Moreover, DIFC holds a significant place in the recently unveiled Dubai Future District, destined to emerge as a hub for innovation and economic advancement.

DIFC is not just for work; it’s a great place to live and enjoy hospitality, art, and leisure activities. It’s perfect for singles and professionals who want to experience the vibrant culture and entertainment options in the area. If you want to live near your job in the heart of Dubai’s busy commercial area, DIFC is a great option. They have well-designed apartments with everything you need nearby or a short drive away. 


  • Spread Over 110-Hectare Land
  • Impressive Developments
  • Every Facility in the Vicinity
  • Better Transportation
  • Pool of Offices
  • Free-Trade Zone

Available Projects in DIFC

Properties in DIFC

DIFC offers a variety of residential options, including apartments available for both rent and sale. These residential options cater to a diverse range of residents, from individuals and couples to working professionals and families in Dubai. Designed for contemporary living at its finest, most of these buildings soar to impressive heights. You’ll discover a broad selection of apartment types, from cosy studios to spacious 3 Bed Apartment, and even lavish 4 to 5 Bed penthouse. 

  • Studio
  • 1 Bed Apartments
  • 2 Bed Apartments
  • 3 Bed Apartments
  • 4 Bed Penthouses
  • 5 Bed Penthouses

Average Property Price in DIFC

In DIFC, you’ll find a range of studio apartments for sale, with an average price of AED 1,200,000. If you’re interested in 1 bed apartments, they are available with an average price of AED 2,100,000. For those looking for a 2 bed option, then the average price will be 3,250,000. If you need more space, 3 bed apartments in DIFC can be acquired for an average price of AED 5,050,000. For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, 4 bed penthouses in DIFC are available at the price of AED 21,463,000.


Average Property Price in DIFC
StudioAED 1,200,000
1 Bed ApartmentAED 2,100,000
2 Bed ApartmentAED 3,250,000
3 Bed ApartmentAED 5,050,000
4 Bed PenthouseAED 21,463,000
5 Bed PenthouseAED 59,500,000



In DIFC, studio apartments deliver the most impressive return on investment (ROI), boasting a substantial 6.40%. Meanwhile, 1 bed units yield a respectable ROI of approximately 6.10%. If you opt for a 2 bed unit, you can expect a solid ROI of around 6.20%. On the other hand, 3 bed units tend to provide a still commendable average ROI of 4.80%.


1 Bed Apartment6.10%
2 Bed Apartment6.20%
3 Bed Apartment4.80%
4 Bed Penthouse2.40%
5 Bed Penthouse


Master Plan of DIFC

DIFC is a perfectly planned community, at the core of this revitalised design is a 1.5-kilometer-long corridor that seamlessly connects one end of the district to the other, threading through all the buildings along the way across three distinct levels. This corridor encompasses a tunnel beneath the surface roadway for service vehicles, an air-conditioned indoor retail concourse that extends above the roadway, and a park-like promenade crowning the retail concourse. The presence of escalators and bridges ensures swift and convenient transitions between these levels while establishing connections to nearby streets and two elevated light rail stations.

Furthermore, 5+design’s master plan envisions an indoor-outdoor town centre that incorporates water features, an open-air plaza, a cineplex, and a live-performance theatre. These elements are poised to foster a strong sense of community among the diverse range of people residing and working within the district. Redesigned retail storefronts, enhanced landscaping, improved signage, and sophisticated lighting all combine to create an inviting backdrop, offering numerous opportunities for leisurely strolls, shopping, dining, and entertainment within DIFC, truly establishing it as a cosmopolitan urban neighbourhood.

Facilities & Services in DIFC

DIFC  hosts a wide array of amenities essential for a comfortable lifestyle. Within its confines, you’ll find everything from supermarkets and places of worship to recreational facilities and some of Dubai’s finest family restaurants. There’s no need to go beyond the community peripheries for any of your essential needs.

Location of DIFC

DIFC enjoys a strategically advantageous location within the city. Situated at the juncture of Old Dubai, extending from the World Trade Centre toward Deira, and the burgeoning New Dubai along Sheikh Zayed Road leading to the Dubai Marina community, it occupies a pivotal position. Its proximity to Dubai’s major highway ensures effortless accessibility, whether you’re commuting to work, heading to the beach, facilitating your children’s school commute, or catching a flight from the airport.

  • 5 Minutes – Dubai Metro
  • 5 Minutes – Museum Of The Future
  • 5 Minutes – Burj Khalifa
  • 12 Minutes – Dubai Frame
  • 15 Minutes – Jumeirah Beach
  • 20 Minutes – Dubai International Airport
  • 22 Minutes – Burj Al Arab

Why Invest in DIFC

Strategic Location: DIFC is advantageously located between Old and New Dubai, making it a perfect location to invest in commercial & residential development.

Economic Stability: Dubai has a stable economy and DIFC is one of the most important contributors to the city’s financial strength. It has a well-regulated business environment and a business friendly setting.

Global Business Hub: Numerous MNCs, financial institutions, and professional service firms are located in DIFC, making it a global business hub. Investment here not only comes with high ROI but several diverse customers, partnerships, and networking opportunities.

High Rental Yields: In the DIFC, real estate investors are attracted to the market because it offers high rental yields.

Property Diversity: DIFC offers a variety of property types, from studios to luxury penthouses, catering to a wide range of investors and residents. This diversity allows you to choose properties that align with your investment goals.

World-Class Amenities: DIFC boasts a plethora of amenities, including retail outlets, restaurants, recreational facilities, and cultural attractions. Residents and businesses benefit from having everything they need within the district.

Tax Advantages: DIFC offers a tax-efficient environment with zero income tax for individuals and businesses, making it a best destination for the individuals looking to grow their business in Dubai.

Regulatory Framework: DIFC is known for its strong regulatory framework, offering a secure environment for businesses and investors. This contributes to a higher level of trust in the market.

Long-Term Growth Potential: With ongoing development plans and a focus on creating a vibrant, modern community, DIFC is positioned for long-term growth and value appreciation in the real estate market.

Quality of Life: DIFC as a community not only provides a business friendly environment, but here you can enjoy a high standard of living, with best healthcare, education, and entertainment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DIFC?

DIFC stands for Dubai International Financial Centre. It is a financial free zone and business district in Dubai, UAE, designed to facilitate financial and business activities within a well-regulated environment.

What are the key activities in DIFC?

DIFC is known for hosting various financial and business activities, including banking, insurance, asset management, legal services, and other professional services.

How do I set up a business in DIFC?

Setting up a business in DIFC typically involves registering with the DIFC Authority, obtaining the necessary licenses, and meeting specific regulatory requirements. It's advisable to consult with DIFC authorities or a business consultant for detailed guidance.

What are the advantages of doing business in DIFC?

DIFC offers several advantages, including a well-regulated business environment, a strategic location, tax benefits, access to a global financial network, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Can individuals invest in real estate in DIFC?

Yes, individuals can invest in real estate in DIFC. There are various types of residential and commercial properties available for investment or personal use.

Is there a tax advantage to living and working in DIFC?

DIFC provides a tax-efficient environment with zero income tax for both individuals and businesses operating within the free zone.

What amenities and facilities are available in DIFC for residents?

DIFC offers a wide range of amenities, including retail outlets, restaurants, recreational facilities, healthcare services, educational institutions, and cultural attractions.