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Established in 1983, Condor Developers is one of the major UAE companies developing real estate and construction. The group's best-in-class quality, innovation, and sustainability are demonstrated through the vast array of projects completed. Their development philosophy has encompassed conceptualization, designing, construction, and management, ensuring a smooth and wonderful experience for clients and users.
At the heart of their philosophy, Condor Developers understands modern communities' evolving needs and aspirations. They are all about creating places that will fulfill the functional requirements of living and working, foster community, promote well-being, and inspire creativity. Their seasoned team members are architects, engineers, project managers, and sustainability experts who bring practical knowledge and experience to any development. Condor Developers deal with a commitment to green practices and all eco-friendly things, as displayed by the green-building certifications and minimization of environmental impacts from their development practices. With their forward-thinking approach and zeal to make sustainable and effective developments, Condor Developers shape the future of urban living in the area.

Latest Off Plan Projects by Condor Developer


A highly reputed name in the UAE real estate market, Condor Developers has a varied portfolio of projects that meet different needs and tastes, emphasizing quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Types of Projects:
Apartments: Condor Developers presents a vast collection of apartments designed to fit from young, urban professionals in compact studios to multi-bedroom apartments for accommodative families. Afterward, they are inspired by modern aesthetics and functional layouts, finished with premium materials that render comfort and style.

Villas/Townhouses: If one needs space and loves personal privacy a lot, what Condor Developers have to offer is that with their villa and townhouse communities alike, the ideal homes are a sanctuary of peace and luxury. These properties are well placed to provide a perfect sanctuary for families and individuals with an appreciation for privacy and space, thanks to their generous living areas, private gardens, and exclusive facilities.

Commercial Properties: Realizing that a healthy business environment requires a range of essential amenities and infrastructural support, Condor Developers also develops commercial properties involving modern office spaces and retail outlets. These projects are critical regarding location to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility for business owners.

Hospitality Development: With its rich experience and deep knowledge base, Condor Developers has ventured into hospitality development. The practice commits itself to developing and managing hotels and resorts for tourists and business travelers. All the properties developed by Condor Developers are strictly linked with the topmost luxury, the finest service, and prime location.

Projects by Condor Builders:
London Developers have set a niche in the UAE's Real Estate market with unique projects that epitomize luxury, innovation, and architectural excellence.

Condor Castle: A prestigious residential tower in the Dubai Marina skyline, the views from this particular one are paramount. Giving way to top-notch amenities, Condor Castle's development caters to refined living.

Concept 7 Residences: This is a modern rental community development in the heart of Dubai Sports City—as metropolitan as living gets for modern-day individuals who wish to live close to the action.

Marina Star Residences: This high residential paradise is located in the Dubai Marina, with its beautiful waterfront development. It is home to some of the finest apartments with open views over the marina's water.

Condor Sonate: This residential complex in Dubailand offers a well-thought-out mix of apartments and townhouses for family-friendly living and is equipped with facilities.

Royal Bay Residence: A luxurious residential tower located in Business Bay with a breathtaking view over the Dubai Canal, thoughtfully designed with some of the best facilities for living a lavish lifestyle.
These are just a few highlights from the outstanding portfolio of the Condor developers, which speaks to their commitment to quality and design excellence in creating living spaces for varied lifestyles.

Projects Finished by Condor Developers:
With an established reputation for providing the most exceptional residential and commercial developments, Condor Developers has always been synonymous with quality and dependability. All of its completed projects are nothing but a reflection of the company's commitment to innovation and surpassing its customers' highest expectations.

  • Condor Tower is a mixed-use development in Dubai comprising residential apartments, office spaces, and retail outlets. It offers a vibrant urban life.
  • Condor Views is a residential complex in Jumeirah Village Circle with modern apartments and townhouses focused on community living and amenities.
  • The Royal Bay Residence is an opulent residential tower located at the Business Bay—offering breathtaking views of the Dubai Canal and all premium facilities.
  • Condor Exotica is a collection of elegant villas in Arabian Ranches that offers residents a serene and intimate living experience.

The compiled projects testify to the fact that Condor Developers can conceptualize and execute different developments according to different requirements and likings. The quality of the work undertaken, functional factors, and aesthetics have made their mark as one of the premier real estate developers in the UAE.

Core Expertise of the Condor Developers

Condor Developers is one of the most well-regarded companies in the UAE-based real estate market. It has already been firmly associated with thorough, substantial development works. Expertise spans various facets of the industry, solidifying the company's position as trusted and respected in the region.

Diverse Projects: Condor Developers is a diversified company with a successful range that ensures timely completion and delivery of high-quality projects, ranging from residential towers to commercial complexes and hospitality ventures to mixed-use developments. This shows their adaptive and zealous concern in staying current with the changing market demands.

Legacy in Quality and Sustainability: With a four-decade history of upholding high functional standards, Condor Developers assures quality consciousness in its projects. They are committed to being green by adopting eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient technologies, combined with an innovative design principle, to provide spaces that stand the test of time.

Customer-Centric: Condor Developers place their customers' needs and aspirations at the very core of each development to bring about the highest possible value in the best living or working experience. This customer-focused approach extends beyond construction into complete after-sales services and support.

Location Strategy: Condor Developers strategically choose locations in prime areas where residents and businesses have easy access to major transportation routes, essential amenities, or lifestyle destinations. Condor properties often become landmarks in the respective area as they are developed, encouraging vibrancy and growth in the surrounding community.

Community-Focused Development: Condor Developers aims to create a community beyond buildings. They attempt to provide residents with a sense of belonging and community connection by implementing green spaces, recreational facilities, and community centers into their projects.

Expertise in Project Management: The team at Condor Developers comprises seasoned veterans who have amassed an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience. Their high respect for detail in planning and effective project management ensures that all developments are seamlessly executed and delivered on time and within budget.

Market Knowledge and Adaptation: Condor Developers know the UAE real estate market well, far beyond emerging trends. They constantly adapt strategies and offerings to the changing buyer's and investor's demands, whereby their projects are kept relevant, attractive, and maintained sustainably. Soundness and Stability in Financing: Condor Developers at least provide investors with some assurance and peace of mind to rest on a tested financial base. Its commitment to financial soundness assures the safe completion and successful delivery of projects.

Condor Developers Market Trends: A Snapshot

Condor Developers is one of the UAE's most prominent and most prolific real estate developers, shaping and responding to these critical trends:

Diversified Portfolio and Adaptability: Condor Developers has a diversified portfolio ranging from residential to commercial, hospitality, and mixed-use projects. Their political stance, then, remains an interestingly relentless source of attraction among buyers and investors in several integrated industries because of their adaptability to changing market dynamics and preferences.

The name Condor Developers itself has been associated with luxury and quality construction. Their projects are usually high-end, boasting premium finishes, innovative designs, and state-of-the-art amenities catering to the increasing demand among buyers looking for enhanced living experiences. This quality-oriented work will come when demand for upscale properties in Dubai's highly competitive market has increased.

Community-centric Approach: Condor Developers appreciate the need to create an all-embracing living experience. This includes well-laid amenities, swimming pools, fitness centers, lavishly landscaped gardens, and social spaces that enhance living among its community's residents.

Strategic Locations and Waterfront Developments: Condor Developers will always plan for a strategic location for either of their developments, focusing specifically on those along the waterfront, offering picturesque views and a high standard of living. Such properties attract local and overseas customers who consider the waterfront condominiums not only a luxury but also an attribute of prestige.

Market Outlook: A record of quality, a diverse portfolio, and a focus on prime locations place Condor Developers well for further growth in the burgeoning UAE real estate market. As Dubai continues to attract investors and residents looking for luxurious and well-located properties, Condor Developers will continue to keep its standing among the elite players in the regional real estate market. Their consistent efforts in innovation and sustainability further increase the current appeal of a market that is increasingly tilted toward green and forward in development.

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