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About Aldar

Aldar Properties PJSC stands out as the premier real estate developer and manager in the UAE, boasting a resilient operational model that revolves around two core pillars: Aldar Development and Aldar Investment.

Aldar Development takes the helm as a master developer, crafting integrated, vibrant communities in Abu Dhabi’s most sought-after locales, such as Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, Al Raha, and Reem Island. This division oversees the development of Aldar’s extensive 65 million sqm land bank and encompasses three key enterprises:

Aldar Projects: Manages Aldar’s fee-based development projects, including a substantial AED 45 billion portfolio of government housing and infrastructure initiatives.

Aldar Ventures: Serves as a hub for incubating and fostering new business opportunities and innovative ventures.

Aldar Egypt: Focuses on the development of mixed-use communities in Egypt, expanding the company’s footprint internationally.

Available Projects by Aldar


Yas Island: Yas Island in Abu Dhabi is a place like no other, where you can discover the luxury of living. If you dream of a beautiful waterfront home, Yas Island properties are the perfect fit. These homes offer modern living at its best, with spacious interiors, fantastic amenities, and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. Here Aldar presents a variety of Yas Island villas for sale and other properties designed for those who want the very best. Their residential properties on Yas Island are in great locations, close to top-notch entertainment, dining, and shopping spots. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for a fancy lifestyle in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

  • Gardenia Bay 
  • The Sustainable City
  • Yas Park Views
  • Yas Acres North Bay
  • Yas Golf Collection
  • Yas Golf Collection Views
  • Yas Park Gate

Saddiyat Island: This is one of the best island developments in Abu Dhabi, offering most sought after properties. Well-known for its elegant residential choices and world-class cultural attractions, this exclusive island promises a lifestyle of luxury and sophistication. Aldar’s range of Saadiyat Island properties is designed to fulfil every requirement. Whether you seek a villa, townhouse, penthouse, or apartment, Aldar has the perfect match for you on Saadiyat Island.

  • Grove Museum Views
  • Manarat Living
  • Saadiyat Lagoons
  • The Source
  • The Source II

Reem Island: Explore the best of both worlds – the sea and the city – right at the heart of the capital with Aldar Al Reem Island apartments for rent and sale. On Reem Island, you can enjoy a lively city life with plenty of restaurants, cafes, malls, beaches, schools, and more. Plus, you’re surrounded by the cultural and financial centers of Saadiyat and Al Maryah Islands, all just a short ride from downtown Abu Dhabi

Al Raha Beach: Whether you are looking for a contemporary urban vibe or a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, Aldar Al Raha Beach apartments cater to both preferences. Offering convenient access to some of Abu Dhabi’s top restaurants, shopping spots, and cultural attractions, Aldar Al Raha Beach properties promise a distinctive and exceptional living experience.

Aldar is dedicated to delivering the pinnacle of luxury living in one of Abu Dhabi’s most esteemed neighborhoods. Explore Al Raha Beach properties today and find the ideal home for you and your family.


Aldar is a leading real estate development and investment company based in the United Arab Emirates. The company has established itself as a key player in the region, known for its expertise in creating innovative and sustainable developments. Some key aspects of Aldar’s expertise include:

Master Development: Aldar specializes in master development, creating integrated and vibrant communities. This involves planning and executing large-scale projects that encompass residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

Luxury Real Estate: Aldar is renowned for its luxury real estate offerings, including high-end villas, apartments, and other premium properties. The company focuses on providing a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle for its residents.

Strategic Locations: Aldar carefully selects strategic locations for its developments, ensuring proximity to essential amenities, entertainment options, and key business districts. This enhances the overall value and appeal of its properties.

Innovation: Aldar demonstrates a commitment to innovation in its projects. This includes adopting sustainable building practices, incorporating smart technologies, and creating aesthetically pleasing and functional designs.

Diversified Portfolio: The company manages a diversified portfolio that includes various real estate assets, spanning residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail sectors. This diversity contributes to its resilience and adaptability in the real estate market.

Community Building: Aldar places a strong emphasis on community building. Its developments are designed not only to provide housing but also to foster a sense of community through amenities, green spaces, and communal facilities.

Investment Management: Aldar’s expertise extends to investment management. The company is involved in various investment activities, including managing assets and exploring new opportunities in the real estate sector.

Aldar’s Market Trends

Yas Island proves to be a promising investment hub. 4-bedroom apartments lead with an 8.46% ROI, followed by studios at 7.24%, 2-bedrooms at 6.95%, 1-bedrooms at 6.40%, and 3-bedrooms at 5.51%. In the villa category, 3-bedroom units yield a 5.25% ROI, 4-bedroom units follow with 5.05%, and 5-bedroom units offer approximately 4.29%.

Yas Acres, a sought-after community, sees 3-bedroom villa rentals from AED 210k to AED 255k and 4-bedroom villa rentals from AED 255k to AED 470k. For buyers, 1-bedroom apartments range from AED 1.1M to AED 2.2M, and 2-bedroom units are priced from AED 2.04M to AED 3.8M.

Saadiyat Island presents attractive investment returns. Studios lead with a 6.42% ROI, followed by 1-bedrooms at 4.24%, 3-bedrooms at 3.10%, 2-bedrooms at 3.13%, and 4-bedroom apartments at 2.65%. In the villa category, 4-bedroom units top the list with a 6.12% ROI, followed by 5-bedroom units at approximately 5.56%, 3-bedroom villas at about 4.66%, 7-bedroom villas at 4.52%, and 6-bedroom villas at 3.78%. A range of promising options awaits investors on Saadiyat Island.

4-bedroom apartments in Al Raha beach give the best returns at 6.42%, followed by 3-bedroom apartments at 6.36%. For 2-bedroom and 1-bedroom apartments, you can expect returns of 5.56% and 5.41%. Studios are last on the list with a 5.40% return. For houses, 4-bedroom villas and townhouses lead with a great 7.57% return. Following closely are 6-bedroom and 5-bedroom houses with returns of 6.22% and 6.18%, respectively.

Aldar Properties Market Cap

In the Q4 of 2023, Aldar Properties (ALDAR:UH) holds a market capitalization of AED 45.29 billion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I inquire about available properties with Aldar?

You can contact Top Luxury Property to inquire about any developments by Aldar Properties.

What types of properties does Aldar develop?

Aldar Properties develops a diverse range of properties, including residential apartments and villas, commercial office and retail spaces, mixed-use developments, hospitality projects, master-planned communities, waterfront properties, and cultural and entertainment districts.

What are the key features of Aldar's developments?

Aldar's key features include diverse property offerings, luxurious living spaces, a focus on sustainability, waterfront living options, contributions to cultural and entertainment districts, modern commercial and retail spaces, involvement in tourism and hospitality projects, and community amenities.

How can I schedule a site visit for a property I am interested in?

For site visit of any Aldar Properties you can contact Top Luxury Properties.

What financing options are available for purchasing Aldar properties?

Buyers of Aldar properties can explore financing options such as mortgage loans from banks, direct financing from Aldar, traditional home financing, down payment plans, and potential eligibility for government housing programs.

Can I invest in Aldar properties as a foreigner?

Yes, foreigners can also buy Aldar properties anywhere in UAE, as most of the the properties are freehold and available for the residents and foreigners.

What amenities and facilities are included in Aldar communities?

Aldar communities feature amenities such as parks, recreational facilities, community centers, retail and dining outlets, educational facilities, mosques, healthcare options, security measures, and transportation connectivity.

How do I stay updated on upcoming projects by Aldar?

You can stay updated about Aldar's upcoming projects by connecting with Top Luxury Property.