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About Meydan

Meydan City aka Meydan is a mixed used community development in Dubai. Meydan is an Arabic term which denotes “a meeting place” and the community resembles the same. it is the hub of opportunities such as opportunities, leisure and luxurious lifestyle has been developed.

Meydan is a freehold community in Dubai, nestled over 40 million sq. Ft. Meydan is featured with elite class residential properties such as apartments, villas and townhouses. It’s a free business zone. Also, Meydan hosts biggest events like the horse-racing festival and Dubai World Cup every year.

The community not only offers residential properties but also it offers commercial spaces. Here apartments are available in 1-3 bed configuration and villa properties available in 3-5 bed configurations. The average property price is AED 1,284,000 and the average ROI is 5.64%.

Properties in Meydan

Meydan is a family-friendly community and a residential community hence you can expect residential properties for sure. Additionally, the community offers a wide range of commercial space. Residential properties include apartments complex, hotel towers, villa and townhouses are available.

Here are some off plan properties in Meydan.

  • The Waterway: - Offers 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed apartment and penthouse with starting price AED 1,700,000

  • Ellington Claydon House: - Offers 1, 2 ,3 and 4 bed apartments

  • M77: - offers 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments with starting price AED 105,000

  • Meydan Horizon: - offers 1 & 2 bed apartments with starting price AED 1,200,000

  • Mira Villas: - Offers 5 bed villas with starting price AED 20,000,000

  • Naya: - Offers 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed apartments & penthouses with starting price AED 1,70,000

  • Luma Park Views: - Offers 1,2, 3 bed apartments with starting price AED 1,050,000

Average Property Price in Meydan**

Property price in Meydan is quite affordable as well as cost high as per the sizes you choose. A studio apartment price starts here with AED 680,000 with good condition, best interior and finishes. Ideal for professionals and singles. Let’s check out the price of other configurations and property types.

  • Average Property Price for A 1 Bed Apartment Is AED 1,250,000
  • Average Property Price for A 2 Bed Apartment Is AED 1,988,035
  • Average Property Price for A 3 Bed Apartment Is AED 2,500,000

Average ROI in Meydan

For investment Meydan is the best community and the the highest ROI is 7.10% which is a studio apartment. If you want to generate non-stop revenue then Mydan is the best investment area in Dubai.

  • Average ROI For A 1 Bed Apartment Is 6.00%
  • Average ROI For A 2 Bed Apartment Is 5.60%
  • Average ROI For A 3 Bed Apartment Is 5.20%
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Master Plan of Meydan

This 40 Million sq.ft community’s master plan is quite impressive and every amenities here are well developed and just in residents favour. Mydan has all social civic amenities right inside the community. There are supermarkets, malls, restaurants, luxury hotels, public transportation services, places of worship, school and hospitals are well developed.

Furthermore, the community has 9-hole golf course, Meydan One Marina Yacht Club, Meydan Racecourse that organises Meydan horse racing festival & Dubai World Cup. There are many leisure amenities that are well planned in the community.

  • 40 Million Sq.Ft
  • Free-Zone Business Zone
  • Horse Racing Festival & Dubai World Cup Hosted Here
  • Residential Projects
  • RTA Public Transportation Service
  • Tram Services
  • Social Amenities
  • Beaches
  • 9 Hole Golf Course
  • Meydan One Marina Yacht Club
  • Meydan Marina Horse Racing Gallery

Latest Off Plan Projects in Meydan

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