Business Bay Community Guide

The name may speak to suits and ties, but when it comes to neighbourhoods, Business Bay is as vibrant as they come. An idyllic mini-metropolis brought to life, this is the place to see and be seen.

About Business Bay


If you are looking for 3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Business Bay, Dubai then it will be the best option for you because the 14 km long and 100- to 500-meter-wide Dubai Canal is in the heart of the emirate. It has been dredged and extended in recent years. Now, it has a large number of commercial and private quarters. It has become famous as the Business Bay, the city within the city of Dubai.

Significant Features

  1. The creek extends from Ras Al Khor to Sheikh Zayed Road. It covers an extensive and sprawling area of 64 million square feet.
  2. The area hosts a large number of immaculate offices and domicile towers. More than 240 stylish and contemporary buildings stand tall in this location.
  3. It is also enriched by landscaped gardens and superior architecture. You will also enjoy the network of roads, pathways, and canals.
  4. The Bay Square is home to delightful cafes, restaurants, and retail stores. It is the ideal spot for setting up micro, small and medium scale business enterprises.
  5. The top two highlights are the Square Commercial Building and the Square Hotel. And their neighbours are the housing complexes, office rentals and 3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Business Bay, Dubai.
  6. Also, you will be thrilled by the star hotels in this area. It also offers first-rate dining options, super-exclusive clubs, and wellness centers.

Living Experience in Business Bay

If you are a real estate investor or a home buyer or want 3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Business Bay, Dubai, then this location is right for you. Do not let the costs of buying apartments, office spaces, and rental buildings deter you. The Dubai properties guarantee a high value for money. You will not regret the capital expenditure due to these features –

Business Bay assures buyers, visitors, and tourists the best amenities. You will have a wonderful time in the city and relax in ultra-exclusive settings. Those who seek trendy and flashy lifestyles will not be disappointed either. They will find the upscale, cosmopolitan location much to their liking.

All the developmental projects were envisaged to be customer-friendly. You will find the professional and residential hub quite irresistible. Health and fitness gurus will also enjoy regional ambience. They can set up high-end studios and wellness studios to attract a whole new generation.

Best Living Scenarios

  1. Live in one of the chic apartments, villas, or low-rise buildings.
  2. Travel a very short distance and enter the professional workplace.
  3. Do your daily work, go home and delight in the cool, breezy evenings.
  4. Lead a trendy lifestyle while enjoying the hot cuisines and world-class shops.

Facts & Facilities

Bay Avenue

A 2-level futuristic arena with indoor and outdoor retail spaces. The avenue will host a wide variety of commercial businesses. They include cafes, restaurants, plazas, and boutiques. There will be showrooms, kids playing areas, and sports facilities as well. Outside you find the lush green gardens, skate parks, jogging track, and trampolines.

The Steigenberger Hotel

It is a high-end luxury hotel located on Al Abraj Street. The building has 19-floors and exquisite dining options for locals as well as foreigners. The hotel is strategically positioned right next to the Burj Khalifa. From here, you will love the emirate's skyline and water canal views.

The Executive Towers

The 12 royally elegant towers will include the 5-star Taj Hotel. They will also have a commercial Aspect Tower. And on top of it, you can choose to stay in one of the 10 housing buildings. These superb structures are connected by special passages and 3-storey podiums. The Vision Tower is a stone's throw from here and it too can be reached without leaving the place.

Commercial Spaces

The busy locality offers a delectable menu of foods and drinks. There are multiple bars, cafes, and night clubs to keep the youth very busy. You will also find trendy restaurants like BASTA!, Blue Blanc, Chingon, Miss Tess,ROKA, etc., The Bay is also home to fantastic clubs like 10AK, Billionaire Mansion, Cafe Artois, Nelsons, Poppys, Seven Sisters, etc.,

The Water Canal

Finally, You cannot just miss the cool and lovable Water Canal. It is the longest waterfront promenade stretching over 12 kilometres. The gleaming waters can also be enjoyed from the adjacent Radissson Blue Hotel. You will also find luxury houses, walkways, cycling paths, and a shopping centre in the vicinity.

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